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T3C Post # 31 - Colonial Census 001 [Dramatis Personae]

15th Nov 2020, 8:33 AM
Colonial Census 001  [Dramatis Personae]
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-3- 15th Nov 2020, 8:33 AM edit delete
This is the first instalment of what will likely be lengthy series over time. The current number of NPCs installed in the game is about 150, give or take a few. And there are a fair number already lined up and waiting to join them. And figure that when i start work heavily on Gene's part of the game, at least dozens more will be added in.

Not all are important characters, of course. Many would just as soon never interact with the PC beyond work requirements (such as in a shop or restaurant). Many others may appear that way, until the right circumstances come along, or perhaps just until the PC meets them when they're out clubbing or something instead of at work.

All NPCs in the game are given personal lives beyond their job function. When the shops close, the shopkeepers don't cease to exist. They go out to dinner. They watch movies. They go shopping. They may date or have a secret life gambling or whoring or as a criminal at night. Or they may tend to go home and watch vids until they fall asleep. This adds more 'life' to the game world, and allows the most seemingly innocuous background character to become important as time passes.

None of today's characters are of the lost-in-the-background type. Jam, whom you've met before, is playing How-Close-Can-I-Get-My-Hand-Before-She-Notices? and MJ's playing I-Know-Your-Hand-Is-There-Fool. All of this first group are people that 3/4 of the PCs might meet in the first day or three of the game. Let's meet them, shall we?



The best local Apothecary/Alchemist. Byrne's name is pronounced Burn-EEE, with a long E at the end. This is a bit of traditional heritage as an Apothecary. (Points to the One Who Knows)
While Byrne maintains a pleasant and friendly demeanor, he is intensely private with a veiled personal life in the shadows.
Byrne can be a valuable resource to folks on PoD9. In addition to his unique concoctions, he is also a market point where one can sell any insects, plants, lizards, snakes, fish, cum, fungus, mold, or eggs one has harvested. This can be quite helpful to those needy for credits.
His shop is located in Hell's Toilet on Tier III of the Centre Pile, above the Open Market and close to Madame Rose. There is no name on the shop, merely a potion symbol, so it is just known as The Apothecary or The Blue Alchemist. The latter due to the periodic blue explosions that erupt in the air above his TransMat Door. ByrnE is very rarely seen outside his shop/laboratory. On those rare occasions, he's usually outside the colony proper - foraging for needed supplies.



As we've seen, 'Duardo runs 'Duardo's Closet, one of the top Clothing Stores on PoD9. He generally has the best access to off-world fabrics and fashions, as well as creating his own line of personalized clothing. 'Duardo is well regarded in the local business community, but is not highly involved in it.
He has his secrets and a shadow life unseen, the most notable part - at least for Kelly - is that he is one of the more talented Qs in T3C. (Q = creator/supplier of costumes, tech, & gear for Supers) Few can produce a costume with better features, and only one (The Wizard) can surpass his crafting materials.
'Duardo's Closet is located on Tier III of the Main Mall. 'Duardo himself can sometimes be found lounging at The Hoppening, but he also makes the rounds of the other clubs and bars located in the Main Mall, Admin, and Hangman's Pride. Once a week, he can be found over in Horseman's Green letting loose at The Naked Time.



Newcomers might get confused when they ask a question deemed silly and are told to "Go to Heck!" Once they meet and get to know Heck, it makes more sense.
Heck is considered by some to be the Village Idiot, by some to be a Divine Prophet, and by some to be gutter trash. Along with the Birdman, Heck is one of the Holy Pilgrims wandering the world. His connections to it often seem tenuous at best, and yet he often sees what others cannot. Rarely, however, are his insights understood and embraced.
Heck often expresses a sense of childlike wonder and amusement at the world around him. At times, he can also seem quite lecherous or perverted simply due to a lack of awareness and understanding of the society around him. In an almost Zen-like way, he can reach a point of debauchery through innocence.
Heck can be found wandering in most main gathering spaces throughout the colony. He is a font of information, if one can sort the signal from the noise. He babbles. A lot. But he also goes everywhere and sees much and holds many secrets.
Heck is welcome and drinks free in most clubs and bars, and can be encountered almost anywhere.



Inazami is the sole force driving the PoD9 Daily News. She has turned her passion for Knowledge and Understanding into a need to inform the world around her, and assumed full operation of the P9DN from the founder/publisher and the former editor, though both of their names still appear on the paper's masthead instead of her own.
The PoD9 Daily News is distributed Free, with operational costs being covered by Foundation Trust Fund, HFC grant, Donations, and Inazami's own side financing schemes. (Donations may be made at the Daily News office in the Main Mall hall in the form of Credits, Trade, or Service.)
Inazami is also openly a Domme with an eye constantly watching for possible new pets with which to play. She does not maintain a personal stable, seeking to remain somewhat disconnected from the society on which she reports; and to avoid the potential vulnerabilities that might bring when pissing off TPTB in her writing.
She also fills a special role within the game when Gene is the PC in play. Inazami has Kolchak Syndrome - a compulsion to seek out hidden stories of the unexplained. Gene is the Big One - the monster that escaped from government labs that she wants to track down for the story. (And, of course, for the good of the people from whom the danger is being hidden.)
The PoD9 Daily News office is located on the Ground Level of the Main Mall near the OKW/Admin end of the strip.
Inazami tends to grab her meals from Dina's Diner, the Hole-In-One, or take-out from The Hot Box. When she decides she needs an evening out she can most often be found at the Licker Lizard Lounge, or possibly at Madame Yakai's Finest Kind. Most often, she can be found spending long hours at the Daily News office.



Jam is at something of a crisis point in his life. The PLUFYO Incident took away his hair, eyebrows, left forearm, and dick. The hair and eyebrows he can do without. The arm & hand they replaced. But the nature of the damage prevents cellular regrowth of his penis. And what he terms the "clumsy broken" nature of sensation transmission in his hand leaves him wanting to avoid mechanical replacement, at least for now. Doing so would likely kill hopes of later organic replacement after the nerves were fused to the hardware.
But that merely exacerbates his personal crisis. Like Ben/Eileen, he lost his job and home when PLUFYO flamed out. All his training was for their specialized proprietary tech and is essentially useless anywhere else. Now as he tries to decide what to do with his life, he also contemplate how to spend his Accessory Credits to customize his arm. Mining Tool attachments for the Industrial Sector? Or Heavy Tools for Construction and Demolition? Fine Tools for some crafting or repair work?
Or maybe Go Big. Maybe weapons and enhancements to become a SuperHero like that girl Kelly he just met?
...or maybe SuperVillain...?
Jam can frequently be found in the Main Mall, Administration, or University halls. He currently has no job, so his schedule and patterns are in a state of flux as the game begins. By habit, he often takes his meals at EATS! in the Admin cavern, even though he no longer works in the area. On his evenings out he can most often be found at the SOT Border club or the campus bar at the University, the Cock'n'Mouth.*

Mama John


Mama John is one of my personal favourite characters and was one of the first NPCs created for the game. She's a revered figure in The Pride, as locals refer to the Hangman's Pride cavern. The Pride is different in that they filled their cavern with actual buildings with interiors rather than tiered TransMat Doors leading to interiors located elsewhere. (Peeping Toms take note!)
Mama John built an outdoor market stall on her property and has run her local market (Mama John's) for decades. In addition to basic necessities, her stock varies highly as she buys and trades from her customers as well as selling what she can find on the open market. She, along with Ol' Jake (who operates an outdoor produce stand) is an excellent source of local information and gossip.
Mama John also frequently has use for odd-job help, making deliveries and pick-ups and that sort of thing. While not steady work, it's easy to pick up a few credits that way.
Mama John's is tucked in the centre of the South Row of the Alleys in Hangman's Pride.
Mama J is more likely to invite folks over for entertainment, but when she does go out it's usually either to the Rainbow Titty Bar (Just "The Rainbow" to locals, reknowned for their burgers and ribs as much as their topless waitresses) or the Aloha Poke over in Horseman's Green.

The Boob Faerie


The Boob Faerie is one of the odder entities of the Fae that seem to have settled here on PoD9. She's been around so long that she has a statue in Hangman's Pride across from the Hangman himself. She appears randomly, and not surprisingly tends to take an interest in nearby breasts, often wanting a taste. She also has been known to "bestow" enhanced breasticles when the whim strikes.
The Boob Faerie is much loved by the general populace, both for the feeling of joy she spreads with her presence and the sheer delight she seems to live. She's even more beloved by those who have found themselves the accidental victim of Lactacid induced breast enlargement, as she can reverse the effects and restore one's boobs to their natural state.
Some have found that invoking the Boob Faerie at her statue can summon her in times of need.
The Boob Faerie appears in every main cavern at her own whim. Her statue is located at the main intersection of Hangman's Pride, across from the statue of the Hangman. Both statues are cast from a porcelain compound and show signs of much rubbing-for-luck over the years.
While the Boob Faerie doesn't really Eat, Drink, nor Socialize, oddly enough she does seem to like Dina's Diner's food.

Let's see...
That's 7, +3 for the New Red-Headed League, +9 Teachers, +8 Trainees, +4 Podmates...

Heck, (No, not you - go away!) we're actually making some progress here. That's about 20% of the currently installed cast. Of course, by the time we cover the rest, there'll be a few dozen more added into the game. But, we'll get there...


*(Based on the World Famous Bull'n'Mouth campus bar of UC Riverside, so, YES! - we have Hermit Crab Races!)


jamie59 15th Nov 2020, 9:17 AM edit delete reply
So do all the mosquito bite tit girls seek out The Boob Faerie?
-3- 15th Nov 2020, 9:41 AM edit delete reply
No, not even most. Having a few different ways of increasing the size running around out there kind of takes the pressure off. In early days, there was a Boob Boom with some getting carried away with the Boob Faerie and popping Lactacid. Funny thing though - turns out that having breasts that comprise about 1/3 of your mass really isn't a good thing. And not just for what it does to the back.
The craze rapidly died out and the local culture pivoted away from the notion.

Besides, there are quite a few of the "More Than A Mouthful Is A Waste" crowd running around on PoD9 who prefer a bite-sized treat.
...(RockB) 15th Nov 2020, 5:29 PM edit delete reply
Random thought: Heck reminds me much of Nature Boy Ric Flair. Can't be the skin color.
-3- 15th Nov 2020, 6:43 PM edit delete reply
I know i've heard the name Ric Flair.
Is it a sports person?

Don't ya love Heck's pants? Put 'em together with ByrnE's tunic and wonderful or terrible things might happen.
...(RockB) 15th Nov 2020, 8:28 PM edit delete reply
Sports person is about right:
On Feb 25, 2021 he will turn 72. And is still a somewhat active Wrestler.

And yes, I do. About these pants are what I mean on the previous page.
-3- 15th Nov 2020, 8:39 PM edit delete reply
Yeah, i could see him fitting right in and palling around with Heck.
72 and still wrestling?
I think we may have a new winner for ┬┐Quien Es Mas Macho?
Maybe he can help Coach out with Training, too.

As you might suspect, my knowledge of sports and related figures is close to nil.