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T3C Post # 85 - The Plot Sickens... [Miscellanea]

21st Jan 2021, 1:33 PM
The Plot Sickens... [Miscellanea]
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-3- 21st Jan 2021, 1:33 PM edit delete
It seems that Moon and Teela are feeling a mite peeved. It was bad enough when they were just background characters for Kelly, but now that we're spending so much time with Eileen they're getting restless.

I do believe they've begun plotting.

But, plotting what...?


jamie59 21st Jan 2021, 4:05 PM edit delete reply
So Moon finds nipple clamps & a navel target hilarious.
-3- 21st Jan 2021, 4:28 PM edit delete reply
Moon can get into the nipple clamps, on both sides of the application. What she finds hilarious is how Teela looks in that outfit.
(Though really, both outfits look kinda silly and ill chosen to the wearers. It's just hard to tell that with Moon's currently)

I think they're going to need either a consultation with one of the Kinky World specialists, or to put themselves in Sindee's hands over at Fuck Toys and let her dress them. Sindee was the girl in the pink plastic pigtails in the second row of the Fashion pic from Kelly's welcoming party We haven't gotten to her and Sorda yet on the Colonial Census or other features, but she's one of Teela's friends.
...(RockB) 21st Jan 2021, 8:20 PM edit delete reply
I'm having random thoughts.
-3- 21st Jan 2021, 8:30 PM edit delete reply
Well, i hope they're good ones!
(For you, at least)