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T3C Post # 84 - Colonial Census 005 [Dramatis Personae]

20th Jan 2021, 10:33 AM
Colonial Census 005 [Dramatis Personae]
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-3- 20th Jan 2021, 10:33 AM edit delete
For our fifth edition of our Colonial Census, today's group features characters we've seen here before but haven't really met yet. A couple of the faces may not be familiar, however. One i know we've only seen from behind, and the other i can only recall being seen from a posterior view. (Striped)
Fat Tony we saw in the mob to which Sunako was offering Kelly up to be used in her dreams. And Inspector Kant was busy having lunch with Ilsa in CC#3.

Since our group shot takes place in the Rainbow, let's start with our staff whom we recently saw from Eileen's first day on PoD9...

(Mac is smiling because he knows Bitte can't reach the off switch)

Mac is one of a long line of Callahan barkeeps tracing back many centuries (though the line can be exceedingly hard to follow through time). As we know, Mac also makes a very fine hamburger and a variety of other excellent foods to go with his drinks. While he keeps typical alcohols in a variety of forms, he also stocks local Specials when they're available, such as for a few weeks after the ShroomShiner's Ball.
While the Rainbow has a devoted client base, Mac also entertains an odd variety of Travellers - unusual for any place on PoD9. But unusual fits the Rainbow. Things seem to shift within the bar at times. The back hall has restrooms to the right, and to the left... What day is it? (Both Mac and Bitte insist that they have no idea what you mean. To the left is just an alcove where we keep the trash container and cleaning supplies.)
Several of the more unique Others dwelling on the planetoid can sometimes be found relaxing and chatting with Mac or Bitte, such as Dr. Nick!, Frag, or the Tempus Fugitives.
While Mac would gladly offer a waitress job to Eileen, and Bitte would happily welcome another to the Rainbow, it's not employment Eileen would consider. At least, not in her uncorrupted state as we know her thus far.

Mac, obviously, can be found at The Rainbow Titty Bar during operational hours, and frequently when they're closed as well. Mac doesn't tend to go out much to socialize, preferring quiet and relaxation during his rare downtime. If he's out in public, he's more likely to be found at an eatery such as The Hole-In-One, Dina's Diner, or the Aloha Poke. It's a topic of debate on whether anyone has actually seen Mac drinking liquor, though he might have been seen to drink beer. Or maybe just pretend...

(Bitte gets playful, reversing her usual Topless work uniform. Either that, or she's just been enjoying her favorite show, Who's The bitch?)

Bitte was literally born to serve. Although she appears to be a typical humanoid, she's actually a Custom Craft who was created for a vid series, much like Pussy and Harry the Hippster. This has led to great speculation among those who are aware of her background. Custom Crafts are almost always non-human in appearance. So if Bitte appears as she does - why was she Ordered and what was special about her design? Most tend to assume she was bred with Special Skills, usually suggesting that they're sexcraft specialities.

Mac is quite aware of Bitte's nature, more so than Bitte herself. The most obvious is that she's "Time Locked" is development. Bitte is actually well over 100 years old. She doesn't realize this. She is both physically and mentally Locked in her early-20s. This includes memory buffering that self-deletes, keeping her unaware of how long she's been around and preventing traumatic memories from leaving mental/emotional scars.

Bitte's personality was designed to her name. It is in her nature to beg beautifully to serve, and bringing happiness and contentment to others is her true Joy. When Mac came to understand Bitte and her situation, he took her in and gave her a place where she could flourish and be happy. That was a bit over 60 years ago and the two are like family these days. (Yes, Mac's age/timeflow is a bit different, too)

Bitte is almost always found at the Rainbow. She Very rarely takes any time off, something Mac is trying to encourage her to do, simply to get out and experience more. To this end, he's seeking a second waitress for the Rainbow.

(I told Kris that i didn't want her throwing up any gang signs like the other Girls. She said her hands were going to be busy. Not what i had hoped.)

Kris is an Exotic Dancer. While that may include stripping, it also includes dance styles from both History and Alien Cultures woven together into a moving celebration of the Body and Life. Above we see a new move she calls 'Hopping On The Rock' for her Harlem/Jamaican Jazz Reggaelia show. While Kris is a Very popular dancer, she has no long term bookings - much to the frustration, and even anger, of many club owners. She claims to bore easily, and refuses to sign any contracts longer than one week, and usually only for 2-3 days or a single night's appearance.

While Kris is a very passionate and skilled dancer with sometimes literally awe-inspiring bodily control, her appeal goes far beyond that. Kris is a mutant, born and adapted to the Orgone saturated environment of PoD9. In her dancing, she taps the ambient Orgone Energies, weaving the flow and sending it out as an emotional wave breaking over the audience, figuratively soaking them with desire. Her dancing is both visual spectacle and an almost primal passion for the viewers.

Some believe Kris to be what is colloquially known as a Star-Fucker - someone who hops into bed with any and every celebrity they can - due to being frequently seen with Supers. But it's much more practical than that. Her mutant nature affects others on a personal level, too. And physical passion disrupts all controlled restraint, often overwhelming her partner; sometimes thoroughly breaking them. She's attracted to the powerful because they don't break so easily. Groups can be good, but it lacks the deep personal connection she often seeks.

(HomeR is a familiar face to most who dwell on PoD9 due to his Vid Commercials such as the one above)

HomeR shows up on Day One of Kelly's game, at the very least to provide a bed for her to sleep upon. Perhaps he also appeared as Kelly's invited guest to her Welcome Party that evening. (Not to mention appearing in subsequent dreams) HomeR is friendly and outgoing by nature, and has build a solid business leaning into that in both his customer dealings and his advertising, becoming something of a media character in the process.

Despite HomeR's casual attitude, he has a sharp, calculating, mind and is always expanding his network of connections. Besides his Home Furnishings business, HomeR also runs a sideline of Special Acquisitions - rare and unique items, often of an exotic nature. These are not advertised and are only offered to trusted customers.

HomeR can be found in his HomeR Furnishings shop during the days, and in the evenings he's almost always out socializing. He tends to hang out in clubs/bars not located in the Main Mall cavern where his own business is situated. Most often either in the Thompson Twins or Hell's Toilet, but not infrequently in Special Clubs like The Naked Time in Horseman's Green.

Fat Tony
(NOT an ironic nickname)

On some worlds, Fat Tony would be known as a Mob Boss. But on PoD9, his Numbers & Booking operation is Officially sanctioned and integrated as a part of the HorsePlay Casino & Race Track - the #1 gambling operation on the colony since the day it was founded. ("It" refers to both the Colony and HorsePlay as they were established at the same time by the same people) While Fat Tony's people also run packages, information, and payments through various underground and underworld operations, he runs everything from the Off Track Betting Office next to the HorsePlay Casino. This is the Horseman's Green sub-cavern where one also would find the semi-infamous The Naked Time club, as well as Bitch Goddess. There is a decidedly odd vibe to the area with what would be seedy shadow workings in most places instead being rather upscale and often geared to High Society.
One of the employment opportunities early in the game for Eileen/Ben is as a runner for Fat Tony. He remains a potential source of work/income through much of the game.

Fat Tony himself is rarely seen in public, preferring to keep to his back rooms at the OTB office, or to indulge himself in shadow clubs and parties. While he is coarse, rude, arrogant, often outright degenerate in behaviour, Fat Tony views those who have proven themselves working for him as Family and is willing to go to great lengths for their benefit. (Of course, Fat Tony also personally made sure his daughters knew how to give good blowjobs on their wedding nights while keeping them technical virgins until the occasion. So being considered Family might be of limited protection.)

Inspector Kant

Ignatius Kant is one of the most quietly effective by-the-book investigators with the Police Force. He has routinely unravelled mysteries, captured fugitives who have eluded pursuit, and delivered Justice to many who either Deserved or Needed it. He has always served his vision of Law and Justice, and never pursued Glory. While this has made him a paragon example to some on the Force, it has unfortunately not served him well in the recent Press reports. Some in the media have decided that since Kant hasn't attained a loud reputation for his deeds that he musn't have accomplished much worth noting. In addition to general derision, the media has lately come to use him as a scapegoat in any ongoing Law Enforcement problems.

The Inspector is one of the few characters deeply integrated into every Player Character's storyline.

As noted previously, Kant is Kelly Friday's godfather. He had a long and close working relationship with Kelly's parents. First as Sentinel One's confidante on the Force, and later as an Official Liaison with both S1 and The Golden Lady. This obscured the fact that he had a personal friendship with both before the official relationships. Kelly's godmother is SimoD'b, but there was never a question who would be asked to be her godfather. Kant has known Kelly her entire life and is eager to be of service as she begins her career in "Costumed Law Enforcement", as he calls it.

With Gene, he is co-ordinating the Hunt. Kant leads the Official Hunt Teams seeking the Laboratory Fugitive as well as directs the Freelance Bounty Hunters and the SARLAC Recovery Teams. Inspector Kant is the face of The Hunt in Genes nightmares. And he may be Gene's only hope to ever be Free, as well.

Eileen/Ben arrive on PoD9 just as a high profile crime wave kicks off. These thefts are the primary focus of the Media abuse heaped upon Kant, and of Political pressures on him from the Force. For the last Dover sibling, Kant seems to be a corrupt cop who stalks them and ruins their lives for no reason as he tries to connect them to the criminal activities. Kant's presence is a disruptive force in their life, and many employers don't want the trouble of dealing with such things, making it difficult to keep a steady job while he's on his crusade.

Inspector Kant does NOT socialize.


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jamie59 20th Jan 2021, 5:55 PM edit delete reply
Kris are you about to perform a hand stand back flip hole in one? Careful while you have 2 targets tant'll hurt like hell.

Mac are you trying to get Bitte to pass out

Bette what is Who's The bitch?

Kris do you post where you're dancing? And more importantly do you do lap dances?

HomeR looks like he's strait out of the '70s.

So a walking billboard thinks a BJ is the best feature of a wife

Inspector don't cute redheads deserve happiness?.
-3- 20th Jan 2021, 6:17 PM edit delete reply
Kris won't miss. That's a part of the "literally awe-inspiring bodily control" to which the notes referred.

Wouldn't be the first time.

Who's The Bitch is the "reality" show on the vid screen.

She doesn't generally advertise her engagements, though she doesn't make them secret, either. Some clubs will promote her appearances like crazy in the short time between contract signing and performance. Generally by the 3rd night in one location word has gotten around to everyone. That's a large part of why she typically limits her engagements. The bigger the crowds create a greater pool of energy interacting with her mutant nature. It can be a bit overwhelming if she's not careful - both for her and the audience.

Well spotted. HomeR is wearing Richard Roundtree's hair from the orignal Shaft movie. Pure '70s.

No, but he promised to deliver virgins.

"Oh, don't let that cute little girl act fool you. Those red heads have sugar smiles hiding evil hearts!"
jamie59 20th Jan 2021, 6:24 PM edit delete reply
But what about my lap dance?
-3- 20th Jan 2021, 6:37 PM edit delete reply
Hmm... glad i reloaded the page and looked. It seems to have lost the reply. Let's try again...

Oops. That was rude of her to not respond.

I guess Kris owes you a lap dance.

Generally, that's not a part of her usual routine since she tends to work with crowds. But in smaller, more intimate, engagements she likely to go something of a mix between a lap dance and the kind of full body rub dance one might get from a hot Turkish belly dancer type. So one might not even be sitting at such time, and thus - no lap, no lap dance. But likely more contact.
...(RockB) 7th Feb 2021, 5:17 AM edit delete reply
(still no idea about this one.)