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All right, Girls.
Here they come -

Get out there and Take A Bow!

Meanwhile, somewhere very else....

("I thought You brought the Extras!" "I thought YOU brought the Extras!"
"Hey! Stop Pointing at me. That's RUDE!" "Me? You stop Pointing." "I'm pointing at YOU Pointing!" ... )

Many, many moons ago, folks used to have a page of banners for people to use for linking to their websites.
While that's not a terribly likely occurance these days, since The Third Colony has multiple banners, and seemingly more all the time, i thought we'd collect them together on one page.

And if you want to use them to link here, that's cool. But don't worry - i'm not expecting it.

The Third Colony
The Third Colony
The Third Colony
The Third Colony
The Third Colony
The Third Colony
The Third Colony
The Third Colony
The Third Colony
The Third Colony
The Third Colony
The Third Colony
The Third Colony

That's the first baker's dozen T3C Banners
More will surely follow soon.

(It should be noted that Tor Keld cannot actually open his mouth like that. But who else was bald, much less served on a starship?)

Have you noticed the design on Moon's shirt?
The shirt! Look at the shirt!

Here's the HighLife design she's sporting:

(While this is greatly reduced from the original, i left it at a large 1200x1800 size so you can make wall paper or print your own mini-poster from it for your own enjoyment.(?))

Here's the Pink Cherry shirt design that Otto was wearing -

And here's what you probably thought was a Hello Kitty shirt that Michiko is wearing in the My Steel Ronin advert -

Some folks on PoD9 have their own custom fabric designs that they often use for multiple items of clothing.
HomeR, proprieter of HomeR Furnishings, has his trademark Mad Lizards pattern -

The actor who stars as C'thul'hu on C'thul'hu & The Angel usually wears his Sugar Skull Puppies design -

This one has yet to appear on this site. It's called Om Life, and is the design worn by the employees of Yoga Girls -

Om Life

More PoD9 fashions to follow...

A random bit of Forum Fodder:

(This is funnier if you're a media geek from 40 years ago who didn't blink and miss it)

...and back with the Girls...
<Insert Rimshot!>
(Yes, the Girls are throwing gang signs. Did you think they wouldn't have ganged together by this point?)

Y'all come back now, hear?