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This Lexicon & Glossary includes terms used within the game and terms used talking about the game. (Both AI and UI)
It's still under construction, so please excuse any changes as corrections and expansions are made.

1st CvC
The First Church Of Christ Vs. C'thul'hu. (see The Lost Saints)
Slang: Passe, ancient history - archaic thinking - "That's so 2D!"
Accounts of Betelgeuse
Colloquially known as AofB, it is a major financial corporation with holdings on 95% or more of the established Alliance colony worlds.
Artificial Intelligence. A self-aware computing system.
Term referring to deviation from basic Humanoid physiology. Everyone is alien to PoD9, so that sense of the term is irrelevant.
A software representation of a user in a system, both VR systems and Cyberspace systems.
Human Alliance Colony World. Third planet in the Epsilon system, it is the major hub of transportation and distribution for the Epsilon Sector. FringeWorx maintains it's corporate HQ Satellite in orbit above Barstoch.
Term referring to a Hero/Villain whose primary powers are enhanced Strength and Durability. (also Tank)
Cave Rave
Underground party held in an undeveloped cavern or abandoned mine.
Primitive humanoid species dwelling in the Mushroom Caves. Rated Semi-Sapient by SARLAC.
Caver Raver
One who seeks & enjoys sex with Cavers. Often addicted to the powerful pheromonic musk exuded by an aroused Caver.
Character Display Window. The UI window showing the Player Character in their current Status pose.
Slang: non-derogatory slang for chimmanzee.
Member Race of the Human Alliance. Gene modified race of chimpanzees, most found integrating into human society to be very difficult, and wound up forming their own colonies. The chims that do feel comfortable in mixed society are often ambitious and obsessive. The largest chim colony world is Gonchikha.
Slang: chummer for chims, but slightly derogatory. "Whatchu doin' here, Chimmer?!"
Short form of Credit Chits, the physical means of transfering Credits.
Member Race of the Human Alliance. An antlike insectoid, about knee high to humans. Humans arrived and colonized planet during dormant cycle. When the Ch'Rtik emerged in their feeding cycle they swarmed over the human farmlands. Only the fact that this was a biological research facility with entomological priorities prevented an extermination campaign. After communications were established, a treaty was worked out giving humans occupational rights for which they cultivate extra farmlands for Ch'Rtik feeding grounds. Ch'Rtik are primitive, but make good workers and grunts.
Slang: male familiar pronoun or nickname. "Yo, chummer! Got a light?"
One who is of sufficient physical and mental development to be fully independent in society.
Corridor, The
Major underworld community with active node links to the Colony Proper. The gateway to the Shadow World.
Unit of Cash currency, perhaps counter-intuitively.
Common use shorthand for Credits.
Human Alliance Colony World. Founded by the AI Opposition Party, CounterPoint has open trade agreement with the WEB, and many secret ties to the Omega Life Church. This is a very important world to the WEB, as it provides an excellent source for recruiting human spies. The Colony maintains an official neutrality between the WEB and The Sentient Network, and some of the colonists fought on each side in the recent wars. They have openly hostile relations with FringeWorx, having fought on opposite sides at Marikonn in 2997.
No, it's not something sexual. A cybercephalic switch has a thought controlled interface. Most cybercephalic systems require dermal contact with the cranium of the controller.
A cyberpath is a telepath with machines instead of organics.
The collective nonreal space formed by a network of computing systems. Generally represented by holographic imaging of the databases in a node.
Arachnid race of badass fighters. They have a head reminicent of a stag beetle, and a segmented tail/body with a stinger like a pseudodragon. They are heavily armoured and have vicious claws. Their stellar neighbours are the Schorr, who gave them star travel in an alliance that has lasted centuries.
Slang: Cold, heartless. "That's a dark way to go..."
Dark Empty
Slang: The deep space areas far between stars. (Root - Old Spacers Term)
A race of ShapeShifters who are referred to but have never been seen and may or may not actually exist. Play Master Of Orion!
Jacking in to cyberspace via a Neural Interface, Cybercephalic Rig, or HoloVR System. Decker purists insist upon Neural Interface.
Member Race of the Human Alliance. After Human/Dolphin communications were established, Dolphins proved to grasp technological concepts quite easily, and to be very imaginative in application and development. Dolphins also adapted easily to space travel, and were instrumental in building the Threadgate Network. Several pods of dolphins have outfitted themselves with bioarmour and wave-propulsion systems and swim through space at near light speeds. Most make their home within a system, but a few pods swim the stars. They have become popular heroic figures in current vids and games.
Slang: Something obviously and blatantly untrue; often implying that it is masking the actual truth.
F-ing Omega
Fraternity operating at TC University on PoD9.
Slang: To make or create something. "Fab a new jacket" (Root - Fabricate)
Term used to refer both to the Fae Realm and the Inhabitants of The Fae. The Faerie world from which Elves, Sprites, and Faeries, among many others, originate. A Realm of High Magick, frequently usable by Fae beings.
Fargo Arts Network (F.A.N.)
Major gaming and entertainment corporation, huge in size and population. Victor23, !Agila, and Kurt use a lot of their products. Fargo has been lightly courting FringeWorx for a merchandising deal using the FW team for games and vids. Their motto, which varies slightly from division to division is "Fan Games for Game Fans!"
Slang: Travel via matter transmission - "Let's freeq to Mars for the weekend." (Root- Frequency governs travel channels.)
Transportation Corporation that became a primary player in the FringeWars, and a Vid Series based on the same.
Faster Than Light
Abbreviation: FringeWorx/FringeWorxer
Multidimensional being currently seeking new grazing grounds in our dimension. They often appear as spider like creatures, though they are blurry at the edges as their form bleeds off into other dimensions.
Human Alliance Colony World. Densly forested world settled by Chimmanzees seeking to escape human society. They have constructed several massive cities that are blended almost invisibly into the environment. They have been developing custom grown plant life to form their structures, giving new meaning to the term treehouse.
Grand Interstellar
J.R. Grand is very old, and the developer of the thread gates. His corporation is relatively small in population compared to its financial size. JR Grand is one of the wealthiest humans alive.
Member Race of the Human Alliance. Reptilian race in their equivalent of perhaps the bronze age. The SkyGods (Humans) live in the mountains and clouds above the mother swamp to watch over them and protect the dead. This belief came about after humans captured this WEB outpost, ended the slave camps, and restored the environment. It is now a strategic watcher post and the Grellig are a protected species. The MoonStar Mineral Consortium has regeancy of the Grellig and thier world as part of a mineral exploitation treaty with the Solar Council.
Greys are a type of alien frequently associated with abductions of humans in the late 20th century of Earth. They were thought to be the most malevolent of the various races investigating humankind at that point. Their origin has been not surprisingly hard to trace given how common they are on the market.
Slang: To fully understand something, to be a concept or thing and understand its' potential and implications. (Root - Robert Heinlein's Stranger In A Strange Land)
Slang: derogatory name used for a nullard or establishment square (R.E.M.F.) type. - "If you say so, Herbert..." (Root- ST:TOS-Way To Eden)
Unseen Organization of Influence on PoD9. Finances and supports public works ranging from the Museum's day-to-day expenses to bringing in Exhibits and Media from the CoreWorlds for public shows. Most of their work goes unseen and unnoticed, but greatly felt by the inhabitants. Not even the meaning of the acronym is known. The most popular guess is the Happy Futures Council.
(Actually, it's the HellFire Club - a mix of the Historic and the X-Men versions. And they also run Most Dangerous Game hunts for extra fun)
Home Of The Hopeless
Earth earned this sobriquet from the large percentage of the population who are in essence corporate wage slaves. The companies own virtually everything still on planet, and while they do pay enough to get by on, they freely extend credit to their employees, who wind up indebted and stuck in the job.
Member Race of the Human Alliance. Go check a mirror chummer, just don't look at me.
A device designed for usage inside the human body. Can be anything from an enhancement to weapons and sensory apparatus, or data links, etc.,.
Iota Eta Pi
Sorority operating at TC University.
Dragonfly like beings, about 18 inches long, with a forked prehensile tail/abdomen.
Insectoids who crashed on Earth and were mistaken for a mutated Earth species and erradicated.
Compound from HOOMOO Dairies that induces Active Lactation, and generally an increase in breast size, often dramatic.
A robotic recorder unit for the Rigellians. They maintain a vast library of Galactic Knowledge and History, which is constantly updated by their Librarians around the galaxy.
Janus Industries
Major weapons developer. Janus grew to huge corporate size during the S.N./WEB war, and is actively seeking a way to maintain that growth curve.
Joke Generation
Mankind originally tried to colonize the stars using sleeper ships, cryogenic stasis colony ships that took decades to reach their destination. By the time most of them arrived, their target planets had already been settled by ships using FTL travel.
Lasher's Reef
Human Alliance Colony World. Colony world devastated by the G'lor'ln in Of Darkness And Glory-. Nearly 60% of the planets population, and over 90% of the Starport, were exterminated. Now the subject of several major relief efforts. (Frag was invited to appear at a benefit concert.) Lasher's Reef is part of the Fear Machine being constructed to power the Infinity Matrix when it is ready.
Human Alliance Colony World. Subterranean Ice Caverns were melted and sealed in the last half of the 22nd Century to house Humankinds' first Permanent Offworld Colony. Its' farm massively overproduce food to feed the Earthers and as part of its' atmospheric reclamation system. Luna enjoys a symbiotic relation with Earth. Andrea Jaxon, the Lunar governor, is a high level projecting telepath. She has become one of Humanity's most beloved leaders of recent times,. Andrea is a comforting mother presence to all within the Lunar caves.
The art of Prestidigitation and Mechanical Illusion.
The art of summoning and channelling energies from Without.
Human Alliance Colony World. A small research colony established only a decade ago to explore the archeological remains of an ancient advanced civilization. Flashpoint in the FringeWars.
Human Alliance Colony World. Humankind's first terraforming project, begun in the early 23rd century and refined ever since, it is the base of it's most advanced research in the field. Mars is divided (now peacefully) into the Mars Council and the Ares Coalition. Ares is primarily industrial, and has heavy interests in mining the asteroids, while the Mars Council is more agrarian based, and the home of the terraforming research. The Victor clones were bred on Mars, and Victor23 returns there regularly to walk the unsettled deserts.
Mass Insanity
In the late 21st and early 22nd Centuries, the human race discovered that packing so many people into such small areas was driving them insane as a species. A mass decentralization movement followed, and people tend to be much more spread out these days.
Humanoid species, very similar to Human. Hodgkin's Law of parallel evolution? Ancient seeders? Unknown if there is any links in their history to Humans. The Matnuah are the founding race of the Omega Life Church.
MoonStar Mineral Consortium
Medium-large corporation sith extensive contacts on the fringe, including FringeWorx. Mineral mining and exploitation is their primary business, but they also are involved in research of a highly secretive nature, and seem to be acquiring a lot of property in the Epsilon sector.
Technology involving molecular machines, built by stacking individual atoms. Usually built as a swarm using a collective processor design that allows each nanobot to hold a part of their total programming, which it shares with the others to form operating system.
Neural Interface
Data Jacks (Sockets) hard wired directly to the users neural system.
New Millenium
Actually a WEB operation. N.M. is a marketing and media firm geared toward manipulating pubilc opinion in the Human Alliance. They have no direct ties to the WEB, but are heavily connected to UN1. They are helping to foster the coming Millenium Madness.
Non-Player Character. Any character in the game not controlled by the player.
The active unit in any TransMat Station, Gate, or Door. May be used by itself as a touch teleport mechanism. (ref. Portkey)
Slang: A Dweeb, Dork, Nerd, etc. (Root - Null bit Dullard)
OK Worlds Enterprises, the major corporate partner later brought in by the Founders to expand their operations. Like the Founders, OKW has a Very shady reputation. One well founded.
Omega Life Church
The majority religion of the humanoid races in the galaxy, not including Humans. Also the absolute authority where they have influence. (See WEB)
Orion Arm
The spiral arm of the Milky Way Galaxy in which the star Sol is located.
Outbound Coalition
A loose governing body created by the miners and worker/colonists of the Asteroid Belt and the outer planets in the Solar System. They exist primarily to address grievances and representation in the Solar Council.
Human Alliance Colony World. Originally a research library colony, it developed into the premiere database of the quadrant, if not the entire Human Alliance. Homer frequently visits Ozymandia to make data trades with the Keepers of the Library. He has developed a personal relationship with Doni Mace, the regeant of the Keepers
Player Character. The in-game character controlled by the player. (Mario, Link, Sonic, etc.,.)
PepCo Galactic Union
War was stopped just as it was starting between the cola corps when the two majors metged to eventually become one of the single most powerful corporate states in the Alliance. Much of the Burger wars were fought at their amusement as a testing base for their corporate military and robotics divisions. PepCo influences many votes on the Solar Council.
A rather nefariouis corporation that suffered an exotic industrial accident in the weeks before Game Start, destroying Ben/Eileen's expected home and job in the process. PLUFYO is believed to be an acronym of the Owner's names. (It's not. It stands for Please Let Us Fuck You Over. See why they don't publicize that?)
Dwelling unit, usually multi-family, almost always multi-person.
Shorthand nickname for Pair'o'Dice9, the name of the Mining Colony on which the events of The Third Colony take place. (It was founded by criminals on gambling winnings.)
One who shares living arangements in the same Pod.
Type of Lifeform with controlled undifferentiated cells, allowing it to shift to whatever form suits its' current needs. Generally must maintain the same mass regardless of appearance. Only known race of proteans is the Darloks.
The Science Police picked up the term after it became public knowledge that over 95% of their officers were trained telepaths with PsiRatings over 16. Their officers are very well trained and equipped with the highest tech. Most SP outposts have only a half dozen officers, and may serve whole sectors with just those few. One PSciCop, without a ship, can go toe-to-toe with a Star Cruiser. With a PsciCruiser, they can take on an entire squadron with a good chance of success.
Special Service combat unit with a reputation for Outsized Effect. Each member operates as a Squad on a solo basis.
Slang: crack, hack, phreak a system. Breaking into a database, usually with reference to freeing data. - "If we can Q this ICE, we're in!" (Root- Quentin, the ultimate data liberator in modern mythology.)
Local Usage: (PoD9) One who creates and supplies enhanced gear for Heroes/Villains. Name derives from an obscure Old Media reference.
Registry, The
The organization overseeing, organizing, training, and supporting superheroes on PoD9.
Librarian race of machines rumored to have technology from the previous cycle. Homer is a Rigellian.
Right Of Mobility
When AIs achieved independence, one of the primary AI specific rights they fought for was the right not to be trapped immobile in computer systems. AIs have the right to a mobile robotic system.
The local Official Mad Scientists, the acronymic name derives from Science/Advanced Research Laboratories/Atomic Council.
Slang: Read, Look Examine. Input mentally. "Scan this new game!"
Cockroach like race of which Ormand is native. The Schorr are long time allies of the Dantonq. They're a very intelligent species, and devious by nature. Their technology is mostly crystalinne, and they keep much of it secret, even from the Dantonq.
Sentient Network
The Galactic Alliance to which Humankind belongs. It consists exclusively of Machine Races except for Humans (Which have AI citizens.) Formerly the Silicon Network
Silicon Network
Now known as the Sentient Network, when mankind joined, they changed the name to reflect the inclusion of Organic Life.
Amazonian race of golden hued Warrior Women, with males in a supportive role in their society. Biologically close enough to Humans to be a Seed Variant rather than parallel evolutionary tracts, the SimoD'b have denser bone and tissue and a more active biology generating far greater levels of internal energy. While only a minor Galactic presence, the SimoD'b are generally well respected among other worlds, and are VERY respected when it comes to combatative confrontations.
Pronunciation: See-Moe-Deb
Slang:To steal, sneak or otherwise illegitimately gain something. "Check this power crylloy I snarked."
Solar Council
The governing body of the Solar System, representing the Terran Global Government, the Luna Parliament, the Mars Board of Governors, and the Outbound Coalition.
Solar System
The stellar system hosted by the star Sol.
Stellar System
The celestial bodies orbitting any star. (Generic term, with names spawned by the hosting star. Sol = Solar System. Rigel = Rigellian System. Etc.,.)
Human Alliance Colony World. Originally settled by Gothic Artists and Lifestyle colony, chosen for overcast weather and major river running the full length of the only major continent. The named the river The Styx, and the world after the river. The colony has held true to their original vision, and eventually expanded to become a Gothic Resort world with primary industries based off of tourism. Stygia is Jared's homeworld, and is the base of The Shadow Council. There is a small subcontinent southwest of the Stygian mainland that houses one of the most highly advanced GeneCrafting Labs in the Human Alliance. They developed Stygia's dragons and other exotic life forms. Stygia is also famous for some of the finest DreamWeavers in the Alliance.
Shorthand for The Third Colony.
Tai Chi
Martial arts form emphasizing internal control and balance, projecting to the external.
Term referring to a Hero/Villain whose primary powers are enhanced Strength and Durability. (also Brick)
TC University
The only University on PoD9, but a Major Institution of Higher Learning, recognized on many other worlds. TC is a legacy reference to Planetary days before the University moved operations to PoD9.
One whose primary powers are derived from technology of their own creation. Also, one who creates such technology for others. (see Q)
Slang: Travel by StarGate between systems. "I was threading out to the rim..." (Root - StarGates are locked Cosmic Threads.)
Beings who use a combination of Quantum Paraphysics and hi-tech to manipulate the world around them. Some are capable of incredible power and possibility does not seem to apply in their vicinity.
Tesla Systems
Developer of innovative starships and power systems. Tesla manufactures the standard broadcast power systems used throughout Human space.
Machine race that was humankind's first ally in the stars. The Torgon are one of the more advanced races. It is speculated that they were originally created by on of the lost races from the previous cycle.
Human Alliance Colony World. Now known as The Ghost Planet, was wiped out by the G'lor'ln about a quarter century prior to the time of T3C. Former home of Ivan, a ghost from the Joke Generation. UN3 was eliminated to begin construction of the Infinity Matrix.
The Powers That Be. (Common Acronym)
The teleportation technology used to move between locations. (see Doc ODD! and the TransMats)
User Interface. The method of Player Control and Information Presentation used in the game.
Slang: Growing or tissue regenerating a new body or organs. (Occasionally new life forms.) "I'm vatting a new liver for this one I drank to shit." (Root - tissue growth in done in Clone Vats.)
Local Usage: (PoD9) Designation for the Top Tier Heroes operating with The Registry. Usually actual Veterans of XenoHostile Combat.
Slang: Cool, groovy - mostly used by gamers. - "Vreal!" - (Root- Virtual Reality, term started with kids refering to best new games, eventually spread to media and common usage.)
A machine race of the Sentient Network, famous for their warmachines. They are large, humanoid, with smooth rounded surfaces and very blocky design. Their resemblance to robots of early SciFi movies led Gort to name himself after the robot of The Day The Earth Stood Still for Human familiarity.
Virtual Reality. An immersive artificial environment, usually holographic, used for everything from entertainment to real-time data feeds and control interfaces.
Wawa Aba
Symbol of the World Tree, worn by Seed on the chest of his uniform.
The Wondrous Evangelical Bureaucracy, the governmental branch of The Omega Life Church.
Slang: Derogatory slang for a member of the Omega Life Church.
Wing Chun
Martial arts form invented by a woman, Yip Wing Chun. Consequently, the form supports those facing opponents of a larger mass.
Human Alliance Colony World. Front colony to lure miner and settlers into a slaver trap. It was broken up by Carl and Zed in the first season episode The Trade. Currently it is sealed by the Science Police during the identification and disposal of the thousands who were slain there in Ormand's Slave Pits, as well as reconstruction for resettlement.
Small insectoid race with Starships only several feet or yards long.
Yok Dans
Popular tag team champions in Strip Mud-Wrestling on PoD9. (Name derives from the Cantonese: Flesh Bombs)
Natives to a dense atmosphered world, the Zonn resemble a cross between an octopus and a jellyfish and are highly psionic. They generally need a pressure chamber to travel offworld, but powerful telekinetics can maintain their own pressures.
Slang: Fry, trash, waste, cap. "My system went Zot!" "Zot him!" (Root - Zot! The novel, not the comic.)