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The Kelly Friday Interview

(Interview conducted by JayyLyn.
This interview is currently ongoing. It is being conducted with one question per day for 100 days.)


My name?
Kelly Friday. I don't have a middle name. I have a personal name used by family and intimates, but that's personal.

I was born 19 years ago, on the first day of 1982. (Different calendar, different world, different universe)
Due to the nature of the pregnancy, i was born at the Registry's medical centre on the Pair'o'Dice9 mining colony.


My parents? Everybody knows them. Knew them.
The Golden Lady and Sentinel One. Until they had to leave, they were this world's premiere superheroes as well as 2/3 of the Trinity Council overseeing all the heroes. But Mom was a Princess, and now she's the Queen so she and her "Royal Consort" had to return to her world so she could assume the Opal Throne.
Daddy loves being her 'consort' and all, but now they're gone.

I guess I don't have any parents.


Pregnancies and gestations are very dangerous for Supers. My parents went to ridiculous lengths to protect Mom and me before I was born. So, naturally, I'm an only child.

But - despite the folks leaving and no sister, I'm not alone.


I just moved in to an nice upscale pod in Superior Heights - that's a luxury building in the Main Mall cavern. It's got a big commons with food, toilet/showers, and enterainment areas. My two best friends, Teela Dean and Li Moon share the main pod with me, each with our own room off of our shared area. And there are two sub-pods attached to the common area - Holly Wood and Otto Koo live in those.
Teela's a college student with no direction, but Moon is a little older and a lot cooler. She's an Independent Security Specialist, like Holly. They're bad-asses. Like civilian superheroes.
Otto's a dink, but he keeps to himself.


I don't have one, don't need one. My folks left me with no cash, but seemingly unlimited credits. (According to Dinari, there's a digital entity living in the credit system computers who eats all my debt. I think she was actually serious!)

But that doesn't mean i don't do anything. I'm enrolling at the Registry to train as a superhero while waiting for my powers to manifest. Some people call me the Golden Girl, but that's wrong. I may be my mother's daughter, but i'll be my own Hero.

My looks?
Well, I guess it's kind of obvious that my parents were superheroes...


My Height and Weight?
Well, first - Rude!
But, that's okay. My weight is different, so i'm not embarrassed. I'm as tall as the average man - 1.8m or 5'11". But my bone and muscle tissue are denser than theirs, so I weigh in around 109k / 240#. But that'll probably go up as Training starts with the Registry.

Um... Mostly Human.
Daddy was Human, and Mom was Human...ish? The SimoD'b are kind of like our Amazons of legend. but with Gold skin and hair. Powerful warrior women, though not completely severed from the males like the Amazons. Mom is highborn in the Royal Family, and her genes are why my body is so dense.
...and why my boobs are so big the Registry had to have special uniforms grown to fit me.


As you can see, my Eyes are Blue and my Hair is Honey Blonde.

What do I wear?
I like tight tops unless i'm relaxing at home. And either shorts, loose pants, short skirts/dresses or long skirts/dresses that are slit high up the thigh. One thing Mom taught me before she had to leave - ALWAYS wear outfits that allow high kicks and freedom of movement. One never knows when dren might happen.

Distinguishing Marks?
None... yet.
I've been thinking about getting a tattoo. Maybe a blue dragonfly...

To which Social Class do I belong?


Well, I live in a very expensive upscale luxury Pod in Superior Heights with Security and Doormen and Privacy. But my best friend is a college student and I've spent most of my life living on my Mom's starship, raised apart from Society. Most people don't even know I exist. I'm only just now moving out into the world as I've turned 19 and my parents had to leave the planetoid.
I'm starting Training as a SuperHero; they're huge celebrities. I can buy pretty much anything I want. So I can live as the Upper Crust, as much as I desire to do so, anyway.

But, I have Zero social standing except in limited circles, like the Registry. There I'm kind of a superstar, it seems. What with Mom being The Golden Lady and Daddy being Sentinel One... I mean, in the old Golden Age stories that's like Wonder Woman and Superman or Captain America.
And I'm the first Legacy Hero to Register, so all eyes are on me.


And now that the parents are gone, there are two vacant seats on the Trinity Council. That's who oversees the Registry and all the Superheroes. Everybody who wants to grab one of those seats seems to think I have influence since Mom and Daddy used to hold them. But I haven't even met Sister Mother yet, and I don't know anything about that stuff.

I can kind of go anywhere, and I have high standing in small circles, but I don't really Belong anywhere.

At least, not yet.

Any allergies, diseases, or other physical weaknesses?


Ha! Just the opposite.
I'm still waiting for my powers to manifest to determine the nature of what they'll be. But there is one aspect that has been apparent since my birth...

I cannot die.

My body perpetually rebuilds itself. If i catch any disease or virus, it won't live long in my system. This also makes it Very hard for me to get pregnant. Or, at least, to stay pregnant...

I should point out that Big Sys thinks that this is a result of the measures taken to protect my Mom and me during the pregnancy rather than an aspect of my own inherent power. I'm just getting to know the Registry's AI, but she seems to speak with knowledge and authority.

Maybe this will break down as I age or change over time. But as things stand, Physical Weaknesses are not a concern for me.

I mean, beyond not being as strong as some of those supervillains.

Right- or left-handed?

I'm kind of ambidextrous, using right or left interchangeably. But when it comes to writing or precision work, i'm right-handed.


And now that i think about it, i think i tend to lead with the right fist.

My voice?

It's like Spring! It's fresh and soothing, a gentle breeze that carries over the ...



Your voice is like an alley cat in heat, crying out to get her itch scratched.

Don't be mean!


Your voice is like a song that lifts the heart and makes the day brighter!

Big Sys:
I'm sorry, girls, but you're all wrong.
Voice print comparison to the databases shows that Kelly's voice is like that of Windsor Taylor Randolph.


Frequently used words and/or phrases?



My folks made certain that i was fairly articulate with a tolerably vast vocabulary to ensure that i could communicate concisely. But, when things go sour there are two words that express much - Dren and Frell, along with variations like Drenhead and Frellnik.

When the dren goes down and you're truly frelled, there's little else that expresses it so clearly.

What's in my pockets?

Nothing. I'm just moving in to my new home and starting my new life. I don't have any baggage with me. It's not like i need keys or money. I am the key to my pod, and my credit is unlimited.
I'm not likely to accumulate much in my pockets as i go, either. Superhero uniforms are notoriously pocket deprived. The Registry supplies gear that doesn't require pockets. Cuffs grow from a strip worn behind the ear. Evidence samples can be stored in a wristband or belt.
I don't carry a phone. We live in a subterranean colony within unconnected cavern pockets inside the planetoid. So we don't have any sort of broadcast communications network.


In fact, only one outfit i currently own even has pockets - the shorts i'm wearing now.

Annoying Habits? ME?


No, of course not.
I'm always considerate of those around me.

Oh, gods...
You're going to make us jump in again?

You know we can't let that dragonsmoke blow!

Can't you be good?

I'm not PERFECT like Miss Friday. I just can't help being bad.
Why, if all those people weren't watching, i'd be dancing naked to tease you. I'm just bad that way.

Don't you wish we could ALL be perfect like you?

Oh, stop.
It's not like that.


Yeah! Kelly knows she's not perfect.
She's much too uptight about sex and things. But we're gonna work on that, you know we agreed.

And, don't worry - they're just showing the faces so you can do as you please.


NOT Helping.

And what do you mean? You and Moon agreed to make me a slut?

Now that's just Mean!


You just called me a slut!

I didn't mean... ugh.


I don't know.
Maybe i'm the wrong person to answer that question.


That looks like fun. Let's join her!

Leave me alone.

(NOTE: Their crew didn't bring cameras that day.
But, you know Otto...



Part II: Growing Up:

How would I describe my childhood?


In a word - Unique.

Most are raised in the Creches, but i only spent a portion of my time there. Mostly play time with a few other children. The majority of my youth was spent aboard my Mom's starship in orbit above the planetoid. That's were i lived, studied, and 'worked' during my development.

Don't be thinking i'm talking some cramped quarters in some tiny ship. Mom is Royalty. Her ship is like a small town staffed with Loyals. I think there must be a few hundred people on it, but most i never saw. I live in a Luxury Pod now, but it's a little smaller than my old rooms and i share it with four others. So i've actually downsized by 'joining the world' when the folks left.

I was also exposed to, and interacted with, a wider variety of life forms over the years. Being a Princess, Mom had to host Formals every now and then. The Ambassadors were always the part i liked. So many strange beings with a different view of the Universe, and they all wanted to talk to anyone in the Royal Family - even me. My view of what constitutes "People" tends to be wider and more relaxed than most people as a result. After you've sung and danced with a sparkling cloud your view gets expanded.

It's kind of weird. I mean, i grew up apart from society so i'm often ignorant of how things work or what people think and do about certain things. But, at the same time, my upbringing included other planets and a bigger view of the universe, and sometimes folks here are the ignorant ones by comparison. I'm often out of sync with those around me as a result.

But i wouldn't change it. I'll learn and adapt as i enter society and explore the world. And i think my foundations will serve me well.

And i may not have a lot of friends from my childhood, but the few i have are FRIENDS, y'know?

My earliest memory?



My 'crib' was a Float Chamber that projected a view of the space surrounding Mom's starship. The planetoid below and all the stars twinkling above and around, with the StarGate blinking as traffic passed through. So my earliest memories are of floating among the stars and swinging or dancing with Mom among the stars.


I kind of wish i had a bedroom like that these days.

How much schooling have I had?

19 Years?
How do you count that?


I only attended the 'public schools' of the Creche system on a sporadic basis, and usually only one or two classes. Those classes were "light" subjects, with my parents focus being more on ensuring that i had time with social interaction rather than learning.

My 'real' education came from tutors aboard Mom's ship. I can't easily compare it to the systemic schools since i don't really know what they're like. My education was comprehensive with some focus on things that are So useless as to be ridiculous. I may be the daughter of the new SimoD'b Queen, but i have Zero interest in the Opal Throne or Galactic Politics. That's one of the reasons i chose to stay on PoD9 when my folks left. I'd rather explore the only world i've ever known than go off to rule a bunch of people i never met and don't care about. It's all too ... remote for me. It's not a part of My life.

So, a lot of my education i consider to be useless in general. But i'm still well schooled in the basic sciences and history. And, most importantly, i was taught Logic and How To Think. It's astounding how little education focuses on basics like that. But, i understand it does make it easier to keep the Colonists controlled when they don't grasp the essentials of analytical thought, so i guess it's not surprising that the public schools don't make such things a priority.

I'm not sure i answered the question.
I haven't attended TC University or any Centres of Higher Learning. But i feel confident that i am prepared to easily pass any of their entrance exams, and i've probably covered some of their curriculum in my private studies.

Did I enjoy school?


Depending on how you mean that, either "Yes" or "Oh, Yes! Very Much"

If you meant my education, i always liked learning new things. And my tutors were very good about allowing me to explore as i learned rather than marching down a set path. That made it much more enjoyable.

But if you meant my time down in PoD9's Creche schools, where i met Teela and played with other children, then absolutely. Those were some of my favourite times. Since children aren't usually permitted in the Colony Proper, it was my only time spent on the world below as well as getting to be with the other younglings.

Where did I learn most of my skills and abilities?



You might have the wrong tense there.
I'm about to begin Training at the Registry to become a Superhero. While my general mental and physical education was aboard my Mom's starship from a mix of Human and SimoD'b tutors, my real Skills & Abilities as a Hero are yet to be learned.

So - "Where will I learn most of my skills and abilities?"
At the Registry on PoD9.

While growing up, did I have any role models?


Oh, absolutely - my Mom!


She was one of the world's greatest Superheroes.


She's amazing! And everthing i want to be.
Sort of.

I don't want to be just like her - she's The Golden Lady. I'm not sure who i want to be yet, but i'll make my own name and legacy. Hopefully one like hers.
And Daddy, too, of course. Sentinel One is just as well known, loved, and respected and the Golden Lady. But, y'know... they already call me the Golden Girl. Even if i hate that name, it's my obvious path. And she's my obvious Hero.

But i can't wait to be the Hero for others.

While growing up, how did I get along with the other members of my family?


Well, it was just Mom and Daddy and Me for the family. And they had a Lot of responsibilities, so they weren't around a great deal of the time. But i was their 'Miracle Baby' after all the trouble they went through during the pregnancy and they always worked to make time for me. So there was a lot of Love in the family. But, there was remoteness, too.

Between their duties as Heroes and on the Trinity Council, and Mom's duties to the Royal Family, there was a lot of time when my 'family' was the Ship and her attendants. So it was kind of a mix. We got along very well, and bonded quite close, but spent so much of the time apart.

Of course, maybe being so often apart helped us stay closer.

As a child, what did I want to be when you grew up?


Oh, there was never any doubt on that. I'm going into the Family Business!
Mom and Daddy were the World's Greatest Superheroes and i was born with Power. I may not know what form it will take, but it's been building since birth, so i always knew what i was going to be.

I've got a Destiny!

As a child, what were my favorite activities?

I'm guessing that you mean regular activities, not special things like trips to other worlds and meeting other species.

Of course, one of the biggies was Planet Time. PoD9 is just a planetoid, but you wouldn't know that from within the Colony. It's all underground and it has a Gravity Index of something like 0.937, so it feels like a real planet. So Planet Time is what i called it when i was on PoD9.
I never got to see much in the Creches, of course, but i got to meet my friends like Teela and Moon.

And twice a year they have this holiday...
It's funny, but i don't know if i've ever heard the real name of it. People call it Free Range Day. It's when the children are allowed out into the Colony Proper for the day. I ALWAYS insisted on Planet Time on those days after the first time. It was like those trips off to see different worlds and peoples, but i got to keep coming back to this one. And it was all so strange in so many ways. Little things - like all the Right Angles that one never sees on a starship. Everything is rounded and smooth, not like down here.
But it was all so close to familiar, too.

And the Dragonflies and Flutterbys!
I loved them when i discovered them in one of the parks. I spent so much time watching and chasing them that other younglings said i wasted my day.
I still love them.

I think those days and all the things i discovered on those times are probably why i decided to stay here when my parents left just as much as my friends. They made PoD9 the only world i've ever known, even if i don't know it well.

As a child, what kinds of personality traits did I display?

I'm told that i was a very curious child. That seems to have given the Attendants some serious trouble at times. I liked to explore where i wasn't supposed to be, and to take things apart and see what was inside. I could usually figure out how parts worked, but i wasn't so great at putting them back together.
When you live on a starship, that sort of thing can freak out the people trying to keep things running smoothly.

They say i was a very bright youngling, but i'm not sure that's really true. I just wanted to know things. Sometimes, that makes you seem bright to those who don't care or notice the world around them.
But that's really just focus, isn't it?
Different people's brains are doing different things. If you focus on things outside you, it might get noticed. But who knows what goes unnoticed internally? Do you ever just sit and watch people and wonder what's going on inside their heads?

Y'know - What makes them work?

As a child, was I popular?

Popular with whom?
I was very popular with the Attendants and my Tutors. After all, i was the focus of their duties so their attentions were always on me. Some seemed genuinely interested, or even fond of me, but ... it was their job, y'know? So, even if it's genuine - is it Real?

Funny, though. The one who really made me feel like i was "Popular" with her was Nan. She showed the most real emotion and fostered true connections. But whe was an un-skinned Bot - a N4N series i called Nan - openly and obviously artificial in every way.
Except that one.

Who were my friends, and what were they like?

I didn't have many Friends; mostly Companions.

My first real friend is still my Best Friend - Teela.
Teela Dean was alphabetically next to Kelly Friday in our age grouping. So we always got assigned together, and that turned out to be great.
I mentioned that i was only planetside to attend classes and "Educational Social Opportunities" as Nan called them, before whispering "Get Out While You Can!".
Life on a starship runs on cycles; everything is clockwork. I was the random element amid the Order of the ship. But down on PoD9, it was just the opposite. I was the most controlled and orderly and Teela was just ... Wild.
I think her unfettered spirit might be the most beautiful thing i had ever seen. It was amazing to watch her and Fun to be with her. Even if it was embarrassing at times.
I guess that hasn't really changed.

I met Moon a little later in the mixed groups. Li Moon is a little older than Teela and I, but even then she seemed Older older. And she paid attention to things, too. Most don't. She noticed me noticing her and wound up teasing me terribly; but she didn't really mean it. She was just getting me to open up and "come down from the stars" with them. She really did notice what was going on with me, and we wound up becoming great friends, too.

And now i live with my two best friends, so things worked out pretty well.

When and with whom was my first kiss?


Um. I -
You mean Real Kiss, right? Not family or friends.

It's just...

I... I don't know yet...

Am I a - ?  (virgin)


If I am a supernatural being, tell you how i became what i am or first learned of my abilities?

I Do have partly supernatural origins, and i Might be connected to supernatural forces.

I became what i am when Mom strapped Daddy down beneath the Procreation Canopy on the Opal Bed, and then...

Oh - the Other part?

You see, Supers very rarely reproduce. As a general rule, the very thing that gives them power usually proves highly dangerous and most gestations end quite badly for the Mother, the Offspring, or Both. So when my parents decided they really wanted to have me, they went to extraordinary lengths to protect Mom and me.
I mean, ridiculous lengths. Not just the advanced Science teams of both SARLAC* and the Registry, but also consulting specialists from SimoD'b and several other worlds. And the Magickal protections of Garthos - he's with the Registry. He carries the entire magickal lineage of the House Of Garthos from "a time when Fire was advanced technology." Some serious magickal protections. But that wasn't enough for the folks - they also brought in the Fae, trading old favours for some very powerful Fae Blessings.
They also have made vague references to Others. THE Others? Maybe. I'm not sure and they ... declined to elaborate.

So, there's definitely a Supernatural aspect to my birth and being. And it may be keyed into why i cannot die.

But, i have yet to learn of any abilities, or further understanding of my nature. That's part of why i'm starting Training with the Registry - to learn just what i am.

*(SARLAC = Science/Advanced Research Laboratories/Atomic Council. The institutional mad scientists.)

PART 3: Past Influences

What do I consider the most important event of my life so far?


Maybe it's because it's so fresh, but i'd say Mom ascending to the Opal Throne of SimoD'b. When that happened, Everything changed. All my plans and expectations got tossed out and Mom and Daddy left the planet.

There was the first big decision - what about My Life? Was i going with them or going to stay here and try to follow my original plan as best as possible? That wasn't really a hard decision. I don't want to be a Princess or someday a Queen. If i had gone to SimoD'b, that would have been my path.

No. I'll stay here and become the Hero i always dreamed of being.


But Nothing is like i dreamed. Mom was supposed to teach me everything, and Daddy was supposed to be there to see me become his little Hero. We would have been the first Family of Supers, but that's not going to happen now.

Who has had the most influence on me?

Oh - I would have to say my Teachers and the Spiritual Sifus. They...


They did so much to open up my mind and help me to see things...

*cough cough*



My Teachers and the Sifus not only helped to shape me, they allowed me to see myself so that i could...

*Uncontrollable giggling*


See yourself?

You're SO blind!

What the frell are you two on about now?

Your MOM!

You talk like her. You walk like her. You even Stand like your Mom!

What are you Talking About?

Just LOOK!
Look at your Mom on that Be A Hero poster that's all over the place -

Now take a good look at that pic we took when you moved in...

Notice Anything?

I don't see...

GODS, Kel!
It's the Exact Same Pose, just a different angle.

I don't think... Wait. What the frell?
Are you Mocking me with the way you're standing in the pic?

Don't try to change the subject!

You ARE your Mom.
NOBODY has had a bigger influence on you.


What do I consider my greatest achievement?



My whole life has been preparation in anticipation of accomplishing great things. I guess mostly my Greatest Achievement is simply making myself Me?

To Be Continued...


*(Windsor Taylor Randolph)

Big Sys said she Sounds like Kelly, not looks like her.
But they do share a certain resemblance...

Know what i mean?